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Stretta The Animation 01 الحلقة الاولى مترجمة


Stretta The Animation


نبذة عن القصة

روما الفتاة الاكثر جمالا في المدرسة , مهذبة و جميلة , و لكن لديها جانب اخر , و ههو ممارسة الجنس ,, اغلب ذكور المدرسة يعرفون هذا ,و تمارس الجنس مع اي طالب تريد في اي وقت



Ruma is the most beautiful and popular girl on school, she acts nice and polite with her classmates and friends, but she has a side that almost every male student knows and that is that she has the perfect sex body and she likes to have sex with any student she wants, where she wants and when she wants. Actually she only feeds with the sperm of her sexual encounters. The couples from Stringendo & Accelerando also appear in this OVAs and are Stretta’s photo-targets so she can masturbate later with their sexual encounters. 

This is a review for Stretta: The Animation, since there has been none…Also, it’s my first review.

Story (7)

We can agree on the fact that a plot in a hentai anime is rarely good…I always deal with mediocre plotline that only drives us to the sex scenes…
In Stretta, the story aspect is not great, as they didn’t spend much effort on it. However, you can still enjoy it as it is only 2 episodes long. What I found different is that the story follows a girl rather than commun guy who gets all the girls. 

Art (9)

The animation is, in my point of view, amazing. It is fluid and rather great for a hentai anime. The female character Ruma looks just wonderful, with her outfit and her looks, she is a very memorable character!

Sound (8)

Well, in a hentai anime, the sounds only resides in the “Aah ” during sex scenes. the voices aren’t bad at all. There is no opening (of couse) and only pictures of the episodes in the ending as usual…

Character (8)

The female protagonist Ruma is rather unique. We don’t get to see much developement in the male character. He is always pensive..but what is he thinking ? You don’t really get an answer. His relation with Ruma lacks some explanation as we didn’t get to see how they met .. ! Still, you get an end that stops you from thinking and rather enjoy the scene 🙂

Enjoyment (9)

I really enjoyed watching Stretta !Very pleasant! It wasn’t a surprise though. I looked for a hentai anime in AnimeNetwork, and Stretta had a good ranking, thus I expected a good anime.


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Date: April 22, 2023
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