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مشاهدة و تحميل الحلقة الخامسة من أنمي الهنتاي 

Toshi Densetsu Series



Do you like ?

Are you a ? Great!
Wait, you’re not? Then let’s change that!
Toshi Densetsu Series are all about them ghosts, so in every country, they are legal! How great is that!? So, if you’re not a , you can start being one from here! I myself don’t particularly like the -genres of hentai, but with the onslaught of incoming -hentais coming in the coming month, I have to start from somewhere, and so should you! You pervert!
Story: 9
Contrary to popular belief, Porn with Plot does exists! The most famous example being Fate/Stay Night, and coming after that is the Rance-series. This one has a really well-written dialogue between characters. Sometimes they are taking shots on their genre, or being just outright meta. Being, well, porn, the short-comings of those story and plot are passable.
Art: 9
It’s not Fella Pure or Bakunyuu Onee-san, but it’s still great. The moving hips are erotic and there are nary any off model moments from the girls. When the hentai wants your dick erect, the hentai did it. You can’t deny it. Coming from my experience, the art for this series encompassing two episodes have been consistent and varied, which are two separate pluses on their own.
Sound: 8

The moans are great, the squishing sounds are there. What else do you need? Bonus points for episode two though. I like the moaning there compared to the first episode, ha ha.

Character: 9

On the first episode you have a sassy ghost straight-out killed by rape.

On the second episode you have a bumbling, meta ghost straight-out of a cursed tape.

Pick your poison, both are lethal.

Enjoyment: 10

Tissues were lost.




Overall: 9

As much as I love this series, this is once again, not Fella Pure or Bakunyuu Onee-san. Hell, I myself would rather have Fella Pure 2 or Bakunyuu Onee-san 2, but! On its own, it’s on par with great titles such as Futabu! Futanari World!, Kyonyuu Hitozuma Saimin, and maybe Mother and Daughter Donburi.

I recommend those who are into and not into this genre. You win in the end anyway, so you have nothing to lose!

Now fap away!!!

Toshi Densetsu Series

هتاي تايم .. موقع عربي لمشاهدة و تحميل أنميات الهنتاي المترجمة و مانجا الهنتاي 
يمكنك مراسلتنا عن طريق صفحة ألفيس بوك 
من هنا

أو عن طريق توتر 
من هنا

نتمنى منكم أرسال أقتراحاتكم  و مشاركاتكم لزيادة الحماس للمترجمين في الموقع و التحفيز على العمل بجهد أكبر في اعمال الترجمة 

 الموقع مجاني و سيبقى مجاني دائما

Date: November 26, 2018
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